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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2015
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Forfeiture of Award
Before accepting this Performance Cash Award, the Participant must disclose to the Company in writing all grants to the Participant of options, shares and other equity rights with respect to any Subsidiary of the Company ("Subsidiary Grants") that are still outstanding. Failure to disclose in writing the existence of any such outstanding Subsidiary Grants shall result in immediate cancellation and forfeiture of the Performance Cash Award set forth in this Agreement, unless the Committee determines in its sole discretion that such failure was reasonable under the circumstances.
Cancellation and Rescission
Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan or this Agreement, Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Company may cancel, rescind, suspend, withhold, modify, amend or otherwise limit or restrict this Performance Cash Award (whether vested or not vested) at any time if the Participant is not in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Agreement and the Plan, or if the Participant engages in any “Prohibited Activity.” For purposes of this Agreement, “Prohibited Activity” includes: (i) any activity that would enable the Company (or any Subsidiary or Affiliate where the Participant is employed) to terminate the Participant’s employment for cause (as defined in the Plan or any employment agreement or other plan or arrangement that covers the Participant); (ii) a material violation of any rule, policy or procedure of the Company (or any Subsidiary or Affiliate where the Participant is employed), including but not limited to the Code of Conduct of the Company (and any such Subsidiary or Affiliate); (iii) before a Change of Control, a failure to be in compliance with any share ownership objectives of the Company applicable to the Participant, or (iv) before a Change of Control, any other conduct or act that the Company determines is injurious, detrimental or prejudicial to any interest of the Company.
Participant agrees that the cancellation and rescission provisions of this Agreement are reasonable and agrees not to challenge the reasonableness of such provisions, even where forfeiture of this Agreement is the penalty for violation; provided that the Participant may challenge the reasonableness of any forfeiture that occurs after a Change of Control.
No Employment Rights
The grant of the Performance Cash Award shall not be interpreted to form an employment contract between the Participant and the Company or the Participant's employer.
Discretionary Nature of Award
The Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Plan is discretionary in nature and may be amended, cancelled or terminated by the Company, in its sole discretion, at any time. The grant of the Performance Cash Award under the Plan is a one-time benefit and does not create any contractual or other right to receive a grant of an Performance Cash Award or any other forms of award permitted under the Plan or other benefits in lieu thereof in the future. Future grants, if any, will be at the sole discretion of the Company, including, but not limited to, the form and timing of any grant, the amount of the cash payment subject to the grant and the vesting provisions. Any amendment, modification or termination of the Plan shall not constitute a change or impairment of the terms and conditions of the Participant's employment with the Participant's employer.
Extraordinary Benefit
The Participant's participation in the Plan is voluntary. The value of the Performance Cash Award and any other awards granted under the Plan is an extraordinary item of compensation outside the scope of the Participant's employment (and the Participant's employment contract, if any). Any grant under the Plan, including the grant of the Performance Cash Award, is not part of the Participant's normal or expected compensation for purposes of calculating any severance, resignation, redundancy, end of service payments, bonuses, long-service awards, pension, or retirement benefits or similar payments.
Value of Benefit
The future value of the Actual Payment Amount subject to the Performance Cash Award is unknown and cannot be predicted with certainty. The Company shall not be liable for any foreign exchange rate fluctuation, where applicable, between the Participant's local currency and the United States dollar that may affect the value of the Performance Cash Award or of any amounts due to the Participant pursuant to the settlement of the Performance Cash Award.
No Public Offering
The grant of the Performance Cash Award is not intended to be a public offering of securities in the Participant's country of residence (and country of employment, if different). The Company has not submitted any registration statement, prospectus or other filings with the local securities authorities (unless otherwise required under local law). No employee of the Company or its Subsidiaries or Affiliates is permitted to provide the Participant with any legal, tax or financial advice with respect to the grant of the Performance Cash Award. The Participant should carefully review all of the materials related to the Performance Cash Award and the Plan, and the Participant should consult with the Participant's personal legal, tax and financial advisors for professional advice in relation to the Participant's personal circumstances.
English Language
If the Participant is resident outside of the United States, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that it is the Participant's express intent that the Agreement, the Plan and all other documents, notices and legal proceedings entered into, given or instituted pursuant to the Performance Cash Award be drawn up in English.
Electronic Delivery
The Company may, in its sole discretion, decide to deliver any documents related to the Performance Cash Award or other awards granted to the Participant under the Plan by electronic means. The Participant hereby consent to receive such documents by electronic delivery and agree to participate in the Plan through an on-line or electronic system established and maintained by the Company or a third party designated by the Company.