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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 07/26/2017
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And what’s interesting is that data and analytics is providing insights on the creative, not just on finding the consumer. In other words, what are they looking for? What conversation should they be having about the brand that is an a-ha moment with that consumer? In other words, what is it about the brand that they’ve been using for ten years, and now all of a sudden, if it’s just price, how can we show that the value of the brand is stronger?
So all that stuff actually helps us, because when we have these conversations with these clients, we can really make a difference in terms of the insights. So it’s a relevant question. It’s going on probably everyday with all of our clients in those spaces in terms of, how do you deal with it? And who is going to help them solve that other than our resources and tools, where we can provide those insights and not only have insights, but bring in the creative ideas that work with those insights to bring those customers either back or maintain those customers in this crazy market that we’re in?
So, yes, it’s a conversation that we’re having every day. And I think at the end of our meeting yesterday, the client walked away saying, this is really helpful to us, because this is what we’re looking for in terms of how we fight back.
Mr. Salmon:
Okay, great. Thanks, Michael.
Mr. Roth:
Thank you.

Thank you. Our next question is from Mr. David Joyce from Evercore ISI. Your line is open. . . .
David Joyce, Evercore ISI:
Thank you. Just wanted to think about the pullback in the vertical spending from a different perspective. Just wondering if there was maybe some confusion in the marketplace given that there’s so many data sources and platforms and analytics out there. Granted that’s your - one of the priorities you added, your services will help all the clients navigate that. But I’m just wondering if, in addition to the other factors, if you could talk about how the industry is evolving with these new first-party and third-party services and how you would integrate and use those services. Thank you.
Michael Roth, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer:
Look, this whole overhang of disintermediation in our business, and whether these dollars are going directly to these providers, and the answer is, in some cases, the answer is yes. In other cases, I think clients are realizing that they’re not getting the agnostic view of the analytics, they’re not getting the agnostic view of what else is there out there that can, maybe, can provide better value for those dollars. And they come back to us and say, all right, you tell us how you add value to this. But yes, there’s no question that those - even though we work very closely with those companies in terms of placing media dollars, they would prefer, in many cases, to go directly to our clients, but our clients realize that they’re not getting the agnostic view. And, especially given what’s happened this past year in terms of transparency, in terms of safety of the brand, there are a whole bunch of issues that, of course, clients sort of come back to us and say, what’s your view here and how you can help us? But it’s a battle we have.
Mr. Joyce:
Thank you very much.