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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 07/26/2017
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fragmented and data-driven consumer media environment. This remains true even at a time when the size and influence of the largest digital media platforms continues to grow.
And, while headlines would tell you otherwise, the consultancies remain largely at the periphery of our commercial markets. We continue to see growing revenue streams for the combination of transformational consumer strategies coupled with the ability to execute at scale. That offering is unique to our industry.
On the other hand, there are challenges that have been having an impact. All of us in this industry are contending with significant pressure from our consumer goods clients. Although the sector represents less than 10% of IPG’s revenue, it had a disproportionate negative impact on our growth in the quarter. This trend is not new, but reductions have intensified over the course of the year. We are focused on opportunities to mitigate those pressures, both by continuing to improve efficiencies and by consolidating a greater share of these clients’ businesses.
Across the IPG portfolio, we are confident in the outstanding quality of our people and our work. We remain focused on our client relationships and will seek to leverage our client base and convert new business to meet our revenue target. We will, of course, continue to make controlling costs a high priority, in order to ensure that we deliver on our operating-margin-improvement target for the full year.
At this stage, I’ll turn things over to Frank for additional details on our results, and I will join you after his remarks for an update on our operating units, to be followed by a Q&A.

Frank Mergenthaler, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:
Thank you, Michael. Good morning, everyone.
As a reminder, I will be referring to the slide presentation that accompanies our webcast.
On slide 2, you’ll see an overview of results, a number of which Michael touched upon.
Organic growth was 40 basis points in the second quarter, and was 1.5% for the six months, both below our expected rate for the year.
Our top-line slowdown put pressure on overall profitability.
Second-quarter operating profit was $207 million, with operating margin of 11.0%. For the six months, operating profit was $236 million, and operating margin decreased 30 basis points.
Second quarter diluted earnings per share was $0.24, and was $0.27 as adjusted for the disposition of small non-strategic agencies, which is comparable to $0.33 a year ago. For the six months, that adjusted comparison is $0.32 this year, compared with $0.36 a year ago.
Q2 average fully diluted shares decreased 2.3% from last year due to our share repurchase program.
Turning to slide 3, you’ll see our P&L for the quarter. I’ll cover revenue and operating expenses in detail in the slides that follow.