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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 10/30/2017
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audiences, as well as target the delivery of the right messages at the right times. Or our experiential teams that activate the campaign on the ground, and specialty players in healthcare if the key audiences or influencers are in the medical or pharma space.
The list goes on, but the point is that we have a uniquely broad range of talent and knowhow. When we bring it together in a seamless fashion, with a focus that’s entirely on the needs of our clients and their consumers, it’s a difficult offering to match, or to beat.
As you’ve heard in recent calls, we are also investing behind a scaled data stack that builds on our strong capabilities at Mediabrands and will inform the full range of marketing disciplines all across Interpublic, from strategic planning on the creative side of the business through the delivery of highly targeted and relevant messages across all media channels. The ultimate goal is to shed light on the value that we deliver, and perhaps open the door to new opportunities in terms of pay for performance.
Despite the current revenue environment and the need to manage costs and deliver margin enhancement, our investments in open architecture and data are key strategic priorities, to which we will remain committed.
Going forward, our targets for the full year are to improve profitability relative to 2016 levels by 40 basis points, with one to two percent organic revenue growth. Combined with the strength of our balance sheet and our proven commitment to capital returns, this will allow us to enhance shareholder value.
As always, we thank you for your time and support. And with that, I’ll open it up for questions.

. . . . Our first question is from Alexia Quadrani of J.P. Morgan. Ma’am, you may begin.

Alexia S. Quadrani, J.P. Morgan:
Thank you very much, and, Michael, thank you for all the data you provided about the weakness we’ve seen in the quarter. I’d just like to push a bit more on that point. If you look at the weakness- I think you highlighted the change in the digital, maybe in the marketing services - is it really isolated to maybe the consumer packaged goods sector where you’re seeing a bit more of a pullback, or is it broader-based across many verticals? And if you look at the growth you’re seeing today versus maybe a year ago, where you enjoyed stronger growth, anything else, any other delta you’re seeing? Any other change you’re seeing that we might want to be aware of?

Michael Roth, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer:
That’s a fair question. Obviously, look, we’re not happy with the results. But, we spent a lot of time analyzing what’s going on with respect to our specific clients.

The reason why I don’t think it’s secular, first, let’s look at the areas that you raised, consumer goods. Obviously, our entire industry is seeing some pullbacks there. And, as I indicated, the threats in the consumer goods in terms of profit margins for our clients are real. But I think the clients have recognized, and have stated, that their object here is to consolidate agencies and be more efficient. And in that case, we’re very well-positioned with respect to our clients in the consumer goods side. And we believe we will end up on the plus side of that consolidation with