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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 10/30/2017
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looking at. This is when we can bring in media, the data analytics, the insights, and then bring them to life with execution, with strong, creative opportunities, execution, experiential. This is the kind of stuff that when we’re sitting in the room on these pitches, and you bring all these different resources, this is what clients are looking for. They don’t have to do it on a piecemeal basis. And if we do a good job at it, we have tremendous opportunities here.

And again, it also ties into your questions about whether consulting firms can do this. Consulting firms have yet to be able to be in a position of providing all those different resources that we put at that table, whether it be media, whether it be experiential, whether it be the creative. Let’s not forget the value of our creative offerings. You have seen tremendous success at McCann, at FCB, at MullenLowe. All of these are very strong, powerful, creative offerings that clients still need. Where it’s distributed and how you distribute it needs the resources of all the different businesses that we bring to the table, but you still need that creative offering to bring light to the relationship between the brands and the consumers.

So I’m very bullish about our ability to bring those resources together. So if clients -yes, as some of them have gone to a project-based business, and we can compete head-to-head with anybody - but the overall relationship is one that I think really adds value to our clients. And when we do it right, frankly, it’s compelling.

Mr. Stabler:
Thanks for all the color, guys.

Mr. Roth:
Thank you.

Thank you. Next, we have Ben Swinburne of Morgan Stanley. Your line is open.

Benjamin Swinburne, Morgan Stanley:
Thank you. Good morning. One for Michael; one for Frank. Michael, can you talk - I think we’ve beaten marketing services, projects, to death a bit, so I just want to turn to the media business. Why do you think that business has (a) proven more resilient? And then can you give us any insight - you guys don’t report media as a segment - what is the growth of that business look like this year versus last year? Are you seeing some of the pressures you mentioned elsewhere in the business show up in some moderation? And any color you could give us on the outlook for media would be helpful. And then I have a cash flow quick question for Frank.

Michael Roth, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer:
The media business continues to be our best-performing business within our businesses. And it’s not by accident, because all the confusion - here it is, I’ll use my favorite term, “confusion” - all the confusion that’s out there in the marketplace needs an independent view of where clients should spend their money, whether it be in digital, whether it be in TV, whether it be in experiential. And the insights in data analytics that our media businesses bring to that table are incredible.

I’ve sat in on a number of the pitches that we’ve been involved in, and I just sit there and listen to the insights and the capabilities that we bring to some of the most sophisticated marketers in the world. And they are looking for that. And that’s why we’re seeing an uptick in media