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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 10/30/2017
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I have always said this: I think it’s better for those firms to partner with us than compete with us. I still am waiting for my phone call. But, look, I do believe that they have some expertise, they have some relationships with clients that are very strong. And if we were to work closely with them and bring in our firepower with theirs to meet the needs of the clients, it’s a pretty compelling offering. But, who knows what’s going to happen in the future? But right now, we’re pretty comfortable with our ability to compete with them head-to-head.

Mr. Salmon:
Okay. And then if I can just follow up on that. If I think of the components of organic growth, traditionally, that would be, obviously, new client wins and losses and the net impact there; increases in spend from current clients; but you’re always evolving your offering to meet the evolving needs of CMOs. My question is, I don’t know if we can quantify what that last portion is, but are these companies competing for that portion? More specifically, would you sound like we’re focused on digital, and those are the emerging services, but is that another way to approach this and sort of how you see them versus your business?

Mr. Roth:
Look, right now, it’s easier for them to focus on the digital side of the business. And again, it depends on which consultants you’re talking about. Take business transformation, because that’s really an area that - it’s a different consultancy. And, for example, R/GA and Huge have business transformation offerings that are very attractive. There, we come across the consultants more than we do on the pure digital side. But there, we are able to bring in from cradle to grave all the different issues that business transformation requires, whether it be new product deliveries, whether it be design capabilities, all of these things are within our capabilities, and we bring to the table. So that, again, I think consultants have an ability on the business transformation side because of the relationships they have with these clients, but we have relationships.

And you’re right, the CMO will be a depository, if you will, of all these different offerings, and everyone banging on their door in terms of what they can bring to the table, and where there is wealth. And we foster those relationships. And what we do is, with our clients, we constantly bring to them the various offerings that we have within IPG or the network, for example, that’s working with them, and the ability under the open architecture to bring in those resources to meet the needs of the clients. That’s what we have to do more of, and that’s why in these RFPs that we’re getting, they’re asking us to put forth what we can deliver. So, yes, the business is changing, but I’m very comfortable with what we have, whether it be through our global networks - McCann, FCB, MullenLowe - our digital capabilities and our media offerings. And then if you add PR to it, that’s a very, very impressive resource that you bring to the table.

Mr. Salmon:
Okay, great. Thank you.

Mr. Roth:
Thank you.