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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements – (continued)
(Amounts in Millions, Except Per Share Amounts)

Revenue Recognition
In May 2014, the FASB issued amended guidance on revenue recognition which requires an entity to recognize revenue when it transfers promised goods or services to customers in an amount that reflects the consideration to which the company expects to be entitled in exchange for those goods and services. We expect to adopt the standard, which is effective January 1, 2018, using the full retrospective method. The standard impacts the timing of revenue recognition between quarters, primarily as a result of estimating variable consideration. We have determined that the standard will result in an increase in the number of performance obligations within certain of our contractual arrangements. The standard will also result in an increase in third party costs being included in revenue, primarily in connection with our events businesses, which will have no impact on operating income or net income. Additionally, we continue to evaluate the disclosures that may be required.

Note 14:  Subsequent Events
On October 25, 2017, we amended and restated our Credit Agreement, which was most recently amended and restated on October 20, 2015. The amendment increases the revolving commitments under the Credit Agreement from $1,000.0 to $1,500.0 and extends the Credit Agreement's expiration to October 25, 2022. The Credit Agreement is a revolving facility, under which amounts borrowed by us or any of our subsidiaries designated under the Credit Agreement may be repaid and reborrowed. The cost structure, financial covenants and the ability to increase the commitments under the Credit Agreement from time to time by an additional amount of up to $250.0 remain unchanged by the amendment.
On October 25, 2017, the Company increased the maximum aggregate amount outstanding at any time under our commercial paper program from $1,000.0 to $1,500.0. Borrowings under the program continue to be supported by the Credit Agreement, and the proceeds of which will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes, including the repayment of maturing indebtedness and other short-term liquidity needs.