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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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the Borrowers or (c) any Affiliate of a competitor of any of the Borrowers, which Person, in the case of clause (b) and (c), has been designated by the Company as a “Competitor” by written notice to the Agent and the Lenders (including by posting such notice to the Platform) effective five Business Days after such notice is so given; provided that “Competitor” shall exclude any Person that the Company has designated as no longer being a “Competitor” by written notice delivered to the Agent from time to time.
Consolidated” refers to the consolidation of accounts in accordance with GAAP.
Consolidated Subsidiary” means at any date any Subsidiary or other entity the accounts of which would be consolidated with those of the Company in its Consolidated financial statements as of such date.
Convert”, “Conversion” and “Converted” each refers to a conversion of Advances of one Type into Advances of the other Type pursuant to Section 2.08 or 2.09.
Debt” of any Person means, without duplication, (a) all indebtedness of such Person for borrowed money, (b) all payment obligations of such Person for the deferred purchase price of property or services (other than trade payables incurred in the ordinary course of such Person’s business), (c) all payment obligations of such Person evidenced by notes, bonds, debentures or other similar instruments, (d) all payment obligations of such Person created or arising under any conditional sale or other title retention agreement with respect to property acquired by such Person (even though the rights and remedies of the seller or lender under such agreement in the event of default are limited to repossession or sale of such property), (e) all payment obligations of such Person as lessee under leases that have been or should be, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, recorded as capital leases or, after giving effect to FASB ASC 842, as finance leases, (f) all payment obligations, contingent or otherwise, of such Person in respect of acceptances, letters of credit or similar extensions of credit, (g) all net payment obligations of such Person in respect of each Hedge Agreement, (h) all Debt of others referred to in clauses (a) through (g) above or clause (i) below guaranteed directly or indirectly in any manner by such Person, or in effect guaranteed directly or indirectly by such Person through an agreement (1) to pay or purchase such Debt or to advance or supply funds for the payment or purchase of such Debt, (2) to purchase, sell or lease (as lessee or lessor) property, or to purchase or sell services, primarily for the purpose of enabling the debtor to make payment of such Debt or to assure the holder of such Debt against loss, (3) to supply funds to or in any other manner invest in the debtor (including any agreement to pay for property or services irrespective of whether such property is received or such services are rendered) or (4) otherwise to assure a creditor against loss, and (i) all Debt referred to in clauses (a) through (h) above secured by (or for which the holder of such Debt has an existing right, contingent or otherwise, to be secured by) any Lien on property (including, without limitation, accounts and contract rights) owned by such Person, even though such Person has not assumed or become liable for the payment of such Debt; provided, however, that the term “Debt” shall not include obligations under agreements providing for indemnification, deferred purchase price payments or similar obligations incurred or assumed in connection with the acquisition or disposition of assets or stock, whether by merger or otherwise.
Default” means any Event of Default or any event that would constitute an Event of Default but for the requirement that notice be given or time elapse or both.
Defaulting Lender” means, subject to Section 2.19(e), at any time, any Lender that has (a) failed to perform any of its funding obligations hereunder, including in respect of its Advances or participations in respect of Letters of Credit, within two Business Days of the date required to be funded by it hereunder unless such Lender notifies the Agent and the Company in writing that such failure is the result of such Lender’s good faith reasonable determination that one or more conditions precedent to funding (each of which conditions precedent, together with any applicable default, shall be specifically identified in such writing) has not been satisfied, (b) has notified the Company or the Agent in writing, or has made a public statement to the effect, that it does not intend or expect to comply with any of its funding obligations under this Agreement (unless such writing or public statement indicates that such position is based on such Lender’s good faith reasonable determination that a condition precedent (specifically identified and including the particular default, if any) to funding a loan under this Agreement cannot be satisfied) or generally under other agreements in which it

Interpublic Credit Agreement