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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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Specified Acquisition” means one or more acquisitions of assets, equity interests, entities, operating lines or divisions in any fiscal quarter for an aggregate purchase price of not less than $200,000,000 (it being understood that such consideration shall be determined based on the payment made at the time of the transaction, without regard to any subsequent or earnout payments).
Sub-Agent” means Citibank Europe plc, UK Branch.
Subsidiary” of any Person means any corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, trust or estate (whether or not existing as at the date hereof) of which (or in which) more than 50% of (a) the issued and outstanding capital stock having ordinary voting power to elect a majority of the Board of Directors of such corporation (irrespective of whether at the time capital stock of any other class or classes of such corporation shall or might have voting power upon the occurrence of any contingency), (b) the interest in the capital or profits of such limited liability company, partnership or joint venture or (c) the beneficial interest in such trust or estate is at the time directly or indirectly owned or controlled by such Person, by such Person and one or more of its other Subsidiaries or by one or more of such Person’s other Subsidiaries.
Swiss Francs” means lawful currency of The Swiss Federation.
Taxes” has the meaning specified in Section 2.14(a).
Termination Date” means the earlier of (a) October 25, 2022, subject to the extension thereof pursuant to Section 2.20 and (b) the date of termination in whole of the Commitments pursuant to Section 2.05 or 6.01; provided, however, that the Termination Date of any Lender that is a Non-Extending Lender to any requested extension pursuant to Section 2.20 shall be the Termination Date in effect immediately prior to the applicable Anniversary Date for all purposes of this Agreement.
Total Debt” means, without duplication, the aggregate principal amount of Debt for money borrowed (including unreimbursed drawings under letters of credit) or any capitalized lease obligation, any obligation under a purchase money mortgage, conditional sale or other title retention agreement or any obligation under notes payable or drafts accepted representing extensions of credit, but shall not include any Debt in respect of Hedge Agreements.
Trade Date” has the meaning specified in Section 9.07(b)(i)(B).
Unissued Letter of Credit Commitment” means, with respect to any Issuing Bank, the obligation of such Issuing Bank to issue Letters of Credit to any Borrower in an amount (converting all non-Dollar amounts into the then Dollar Equivalent thereof) equal to the excess of (a) the amount of its Letter of Credit Commitment over (b) the aggregate Available Amount of all Letters of Credit issued by such Issuing Bank.
Unused Commitment” means, with respect to each Lender at any time, (a) the amount of such Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment at such time minus (b) the sum of (i) the aggregate principal amount of all Advances (based in respect of any Advances denominated in a Committed Currency or the Equivalent in Dollars at such time) made by such Lender (in its capacity as a Lender) and outstanding at such time, plus (ii) such Lender’s Ratable Share of the aggregate Available Amount of all the Letters of Credit outstanding at such time.
Voting Stock” means capital stock issued by a corporation, or equivalent interests in any other Person, the holders of which are ordinarily, in the absence of contingencies, entitled to vote for the election of directors (or persons performing similar functions) of such Person, even if the right so to vote has been suspended by the happening of such a contingency.
Write-Down and Conversion Powers” means, with respect to any EEA Resolution Authority, the write-down and conversion powers of such EEA Resolution Authority from time to time under the Bail-In

Interpublic Credit Agreement