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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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(c)    Agent’s Fees. The Company shall pay to the Agent for its own account such fees as may from time to time be agreed between the Company and the Agent.
SECTION 2.05. Optional Termination or Reduction of the Revolving Credit Commitments. (a) Ratable Reduction. The Company shall have the right, upon at least three Business Days’ notice to the Agent, permanently to terminate in whole or to reduce ratably in part the unused portions of the respective Revolving Credit Commitments of the Lenders, provided that each partial reduction shall be in the aggregate amount of $10,000,000 or an integral multiple of $1,000,000 in excess thereof.
(b)    Non-Ratable Reduction. The Company shall have the right, at any time, upon at least three Business Days’ notice to a Defaulting Lender (with a copy to the Agent), to terminate in whole such Defaulting Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment. Such termination shall be effective with respect to such Defaulting Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment on the date set forth in such notice, provided, however, that such date shall be no earlier than three Business Days after receipt of such notice. Upon termination of a Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment under this Section 2.05(b), the Borrowers will pay all principal of, and interest accrued to the date of such payment on, Advances owing to such Defaulting Lender and pay any accrued facility fee payable to such Defaulting Lender pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.04(a), and all other amounts then payable to such Defaulting Lender hereunder (including, but not limited to, any increased costs, additional interest or other amounts owing under Section 2.11, any indemnification for Taxes under Section 2.14, and any compensation payments due as provided in Section 9.04(c)); and upon such payments, the obligations of such Defaulting Lender hereunder shall, by the provisions hereof, be released and discharged; provided, however, that (i) such Defaulting Lender’s rights under Sections 2.11, 2.14 and 9.04, and its obligations under Section 9.04(e) shall survive such release and discharge as to matters occurring prior to such date; and (ii) no claim that the Borrowers may have against such Defaulting Lender arising out of such Defaulting Lender’s default hereunder shall be released or impaired in any way. Any reduction in the aggregate amount of the Commitments of the Lenders pursuant to this Section 2.05(b) may not be reinstated except as otherwise provided in Section 2.18; provided further, however, that if pursuant to this Section 2.05(b), the Borrowers shall pay to a Defaulting Lender any principal of, or interest accrued on, the Advances owing to such Defaulting Lender, then the Borrowers shall either (x) confirm to the Agent that no Default under Section 6.01(a) or (e) or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing or (y) pay or cause to be paid a ratable payment of principal and interest on Advances owing to all Non-Defaulting Lenders.
SECTION 2.06. Repayment. (a) Advances. Each Borrower shall repay to the Agent for the ratable account of each Lender on the Termination Date applicable to such Lender the aggregate principal amount of the Advances then outstanding to such Borrower.
(b)    Letter of Credit Reimbursements. The obligation of any Borrower under this Agreement to repay any Advance that results from payment of a drawing under a Letter of Credit shall be unconditional and irrevocable, and shall be paid strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement under all circumstances, including, without limitation, the following circumstances (it being understood that any such payment by a Borrower is without prejudice to, and does not constitute a waiver of, any rights such Borrower might have or might acquire as a result of the payment by any Lender of any draft or the reimbursement by such Borrower thereof):
(i)    any lack of validity or enforceability of this Agreement, any Note, any Letter of Credit or any other agreement or instrument relating thereto (all of the foregoing being, collectively, the “L/C Related Documents”);
(ii)    any change in the time, manner or place of payment of any Letter of Credit;
(iii)    the existence of any claim, set-off, defense or other right that any Borrower may have at any time against any beneficiary or any transferee of a Letter of Credit (or any Persons for which any such beneficiary or any such transferee may be acting), any Issuing Bank, the Agent, any Lender or any other Person, whether in connection with the transactions contemplated by the L/C Related Documents or any unrelated transaction;

Interpublic Credit Agreement