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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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(ii)    If a payment made to a Lender hereunder would be subject to United States federal withholding tax pursuant to FATCA, if such Lender were to fail to comply with the applicable reporting requirements of FATCA, such Lender shall deliver to the Company and the Agent, at the appropriate time any documentation reasonably requested by the Company or the Agent as may be necessary for the Borrowers or the Agent to comply with their obligations under FATCA and to determine whether withholding under FATCA is required.
(f)    Each Lender that is a United States person shall, on or prior to the date of its execution and delivery of this Agreement in the case of each Initial Lender and on the date of the Assumption Agreement or the Assignment and Assumption pursuant to which it becomes a Lender in the case of each other Lender, and from time to time thereafter as reasonably requested in writing by the Agent or the Company, provide each of the Agent and the Company with two copies of Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 certifying that it is not subject to backup withholding. If such Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 previously delivered expires or becomes obsolete or inaccurate in any respect, such Lender shall update such form or certification or promptly notify the Agent and the Company in writing of its legal inability to do so.
(g)    For any period with respect to which a Lender has failed to provide the Company with the appropriate form, certificate or other document described in Section 2.14(e) (other than if such failure is due to a change in law, or in the interpretation or application thereof, occurring subsequent to the date on which a form, certificate or other document originally was required to be provided, or if such form, certificate or other document otherwise is not required under subsection (e) above), such Lender shall not be entitled to indemnification or a gross up under Section 2.14(a) or (c) with respect to Taxes imposed by the United States by reason of such failure, including any United States federal withholding tax imposed as a result of a failure to satisfy the applicable requirements of FATCA; provided, however, that should a Lender become subject to Taxes because of its failure to deliver a form, certificate or other document required hereunder, the Company shall take such steps at such Lender’s expense as the Lender shall reasonably request to assist the Lender to recover such Taxes.
(h)    Any Lender claiming any additional amounts payable pursuant to this Section 2.14 agrees to use reasonable efforts (consistent with its internal policy and legal and regulatory restrictions) to change the jurisdiction of its Eurocurrency Lending Office if the making of such a change would avoid the need for, or reduce the amount of, any such additional amounts that may thereafter accrue and would not, in the reasonable judgment of such Lender, be otherwise disadvantageous to such Lender.
(i)    For purposes of determining withholding Taxes imposed under FATCA, from and after the effective date of this Agreement, the Borrowers and the Agent shall treat (and the Lenders hereby authorize the Agent to treat) the Advances as not qualifying as "grandfathered obligations" within the meaning of Treasury Regulation Section 1.1471-2(b)(2)(i).
SECTION 2.15. Sharing of Payments, Etc. If any Lender shall obtain any payment (whether voluntary, involuntary, through the exercise of any right of set‑off, or otherwise) on account of the Advances owing to it (other than (x) as payment of an Advance made by an Issuing Bank pursuant to the first sentence of Section 2.03(c) or (y) pursuant to Section 2.11, 2.14 or 9.04(c)) in excess of its Ratable Share of payments on account of the Advances obtained by all the Lenders, such Lender shall forthwith purchase from the other Lenders such participations in the Advances owing to them as shall be necessary to cause such purchasing Lender to share the excess payment ratably with each of them; provided, however, that if all or any portion of such excess payment is thereafter recovered from such purchasing Lender, such purchase from each Lender shall be rescinded and such Lender shall repay to the purchasing Lender the purchase price to the extent of such recovery together with an amount equal to such Lender’s ratable share (according to the proportion of (i) the amount of such Lender’s required repayment to (ii) the total amount so recovered from the purchasing Lender) of any interest or other amount paid or payable by the purchasing Lender in respect of the total amount so recovered. Each Borrower agrees that any Lender so purchasing a participation from another Lender pursuant to this Section 2.15 may, to the fullest extent permitted by law, exercise all its rights of payment (including the right of set‑off) with respect to such participation as fully as if such Lender were the direct creditor of such Borrower in the amount of such participation.

Interpublic Credit Agreement