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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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Assignee that shall become a party hereto in accordance with Section 2.20, an “Assuming Lender”) shall, in its sole discretion, give written notice to the Agent on or prior to the Commitment Date of the amount by which it is willing to participate in such Commitment Increase; provided, however, that the Revolving Credit Commitment of each such Assuming Lender shall be in an amount of $10,000,000 or an integral multiple of $1,000,000 in excess thereof. Promptly following each Commitment Date, the Agent shall notify the Company as to the amount, if any, by which the Increasing Lenders and Assuming Lenders are willing to participate in the requested Commitment Increase. If the Increasing Lenders and Assuming Lenders notify the Agent that they are willing to increase the amount of their respective Revolving Credit Commitments by an aggregate amount that exceeds the amount of the requested Commitment Increase, the requested Commitment Increase shall be allocated among the Increasing Lenders and Assuming Lenders willing to participate therein in such amounts as are agreed between the Company and the Agent; provided that (x) the Company may in its discretion determine that such allocation shall be made pro rata among the Increasing Lenders and the Assuming Lenders, based on the ratio of each such Person’s proposed participation in the Commitment Increase to the aggregate amount of all such proposed participations and (y) the resulting increased Revolving Credit Commitments of the Increasing Lenders and the Assuming Lenders shall be subject to the approval of each Issuing Bank (which approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed). The Agent shall promptly notify the Increasing Lenders and each Assuming Lender of the results of any such allocation of the Commitment Increase.
(c)    On each Increase Date, each Assuming Lender shall become a Lender party to this Agreement as of such Increase Date and the Revolving Credit Commitment of each Increasing Lender for such requested Commitment Increase shall be so increased by such amount (or by the amount allocated to such Lender pursuant to the last sentence of Section 2.18(b)) as of such Increase Date; provided, however, that the Agent shall have received on or before such Increase Date the following, each dated such date:
(i)    (A) certified copies of resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Company or the Executive Committee of such Board approving the Commitment Increase and the corresponding modifications to this Agreement and (B) an opinion of counsel for the Company (which may be in-house counsel), in substantially the form of Exhibit D-2 hereto;
(ii)    an assumption agreement from each Assuming Lender, if any, in substantially the form of Exhibit F hereto (each an “Assumption Agreement”), duly executed by such Assuming Lender, the Agent and the Company; and
(iii)    confirmation from each Increasing Lender of the increase in the amount of its Revolving Credit Commitment in a writing satisfactory to the Company and the Agent.
On each Increase Date, upon fulfillment of the conditions set forth in the immediately preceding sentence of this Section 2.18(c), the Agent shall notify the Lenders (including, without limitation, each Assuming Lender) and the Company, on or before 1:00 P.M. (New York City time), in writing, of the occurrence of the Commitment Increase to be effected on such Increase Date and shall record in the Register the relevant information with respect to each Increasing Lender and each Assuming Lender on such date. Each Increasing Lender and each Assuming Lender shall, as of the Increase Date, fund their respective Ratable Shares of each Borrowing then outstanding, which funds the Agent shall distribute to the other Lenders to effect a funding of each such Borrowing by each of the Lenders (including the Increasing Lenders and the Assuming Lenders) ratably in accordance with their Ratable Shares after giving effect to the applicable Commitment Increase and, if the applicable Increase Date is not the last day of an Interest Period, the Company shall be obligated to reimburse the Lenders in respect thereof pursuant to Section 9.04(c).
SECTION 2.19. Defaulting Lenders.
(a)    If at the time a Lender becomes a Defaulting Lender, then, until such time as such Lender is no longer a Defaulting Lender, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any payment of principal, interest, fees or other amounts received by the Agent for the account of such Defaulting Lender (whether voluntary or mandatory, at maturity, pursuant to Section 6.01 or otherwise) or received by the Agent from a Defaulting Lender pursuant to Section 9.05 or 9.07(b)(vii) shall be applied at such time or times as may be determined by the Agent as follows: first, to the payment of any amounts owing by such Defaulting Lender to the Agent hereunder; second, to the payment on a pro rata basis of any

Interpublic Credit Agreement