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INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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(c)    So long as any Lender is a Defaulting Lender, no Issuing Bank shall be required to issue, renew or increase any Letter of Credit unless it is reasonably satisfied that the related exposure will be 100% covered by the Revolving Credit Commitments of the Non-Defaulting Lenders or the provisions of Section 2.19(b)(ii) have been complied with, and participating interests in any such newly issued or increased Letter of Credit shall be allocated among Non-Defaulting Lenders in a manner consistent with Section 2.19(b)(i) (and Defaulting Lenders shall not participate therein).
(d)    No Commitment of any Lender shall be increased or otherwise affected, and, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Section 2.19, performance by the Borrowers of their obligations hereunder shall not be excused or otherwise modified as a result of the operation of this Section 2.19. Subject to Section 9.18, no reallocation hereunder shall constitute a waiver or release of any claim of any party hereunder against a Defaulting Lender arising from that Lender having become a Defaulting Lender. The rights and remedies against a Defaulting Lender under this Section 2.19 are in addition to any other rights and remedies which the Borrowers, the Agent, any Issuing Bank or any Lender may have against such Defaulting Lender (including any claim of a Non-Defaulting Lender as a result of such Non-Defaulting Lender’s increased exposure following the reallocation described in subsection (b)(i) above).
(e)    If the Company, the Agent and each Issuing Bank agree in writing that a Lender is no longer a Defaulting Lender, and the Company has not terminated the Commitment of such Defaulting Lender in accordance with Section 2.05(b), the Agent will so notify the parties hereto, whereupon as of the effective date specified in such notice and subject to any conditions set forth therein (which may include arrangements with respect to any Cash Collateral), that Lender will, to the extent applicable, purchase at par that portion of outstanding Loans of the other Lenders or take such other actions as the Agent may determine to be necessary to cause the Loans and funded and unfunded participations in Letters of Credit to be held pro rata by the Lenders in accordance with the Commitments (without giving effect to Section 2.19(b)), whereupon such Lender will cease to be a Defaulting Lender; provided that no adjustments will be made retroactively with respect to fees accrued or payments made by or on behalf of the Borrower while that Lender was a Defaulting Lender; and provided, further, that except to the extent otherwise expressly agreed by the affected parties, no change hereunder from Defaulting Lender to Lender will constitute a waiver or release of any claim of any party hereunder arising from that Lender’s having been a Defaulting Lender.
SECTION 2.20. Extension of Termination Date.
(a)    Requests for Extension. The Company may, not more than twice, by written notice to the Agent (who shall promptly notify the Lenders) not earlier than 60 days and not later than 45 days prior to any anniversary of the Restatement Date (an “Anniversary Date”), request that each Lender extend such Lender’s Termination Date for an additional one year from the Termination Date then in effect with respect to such Lender.
(b)    Lender Elections to Extend. Each Lender, acting in its sole and individual discretion, shall, by written notice to the Agent given not later than the date (the “Notice Date”) that is 15 days prior to such Anniversary Date, advise the Agent whether or not such Lender agrees to such extension (and each Lender that determines not to so extend its Termination Date (a “Non Extending Lender”) shall notify the Agent of such fact promptly after such determination (but in any event no later than the Notice Date) and any Lender that does not so advise the Agent on or before the Notice Date shall be deemed to be a Non‑Extending Lender). The election of any Lender to agree to such extension shall not obligate any other Lender to so agree.
(c)    Notification by Agent. The Agent shall notify the Company of each Lender’s determination under this Section no later than the date 10 days prior to the applicable Anniversary Date (or, if such date is not a Business Day, on the preceding Business Day).
(d)    Additional Commitment Lenders. The Company shall have the right on or before the applicable Anniversary Date to replace each Non‑Extending Lender with, and add as “Lenders” under this Agreement in place thereof, one or more Eligible Assignees (as an Assuming Lender) with the approval of the Agent and each Issuing Bank (which approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed), each of which Assuming Lenders shall have entered into an Assumption Agreement pursuant to which such Assuming Lender shall, effective as of the applicable Anniversary

Interpublic Credit Agreement