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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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Section 9.04(c)) from the assignee (to the extent of such outstanding principal and accrued interest and fees) or the Borrowers (in the case of all other amounts);
(iii)    in the case of any such assignment resulting from a claim for compensation under Section 2.11 or payments required to be made pursuant to Section 2.14, such assignment will result in a reduction in such compensation or payments thereafter;
(iv)    in the case of any assignment resulting from a Lender becoming a Non-Consenting Lender, the applicable assignee shall have consented to the applicable amendment, waiver or consent; and
(v)    such assignment does not conflict with applicable law.
A Lender shall not be required to make any such assignment or delegation if, prior thereto, as a result of a waiver by such Lender or otherwise, the circumstances entitling the Company to require such assignment and delegation cease to apply.

SECTION 3.01. Conditions Precedent to Effectiveness of the Amendment and Restatement. This amendment and restatement of the Existing Credit Agreement (this “Amendment and Restatement”) shall become effective on the first date (the “Restatement Date”) on which the following conditions have been satisfied:
(a)    The Agent shall have received counterparts of this Amendment and Restatement executed by the Company and each of the Lenders or, as to any of the Lenders, advice satisfactory to the Agent that such Lender has executed this Amendment and Restatement.
(b)    The Company shall have paid all invoiced accrued fees and expenses of the Agent and the Lenders (including the invoiced accrued fees and expenses of counsel to the Agent).
(c)    On the Restatement Date, the following statements shall be true and the Agent shall have received for the account of each Lender a certificate signed by a duly authorized officer of the Company, dated the Restatement Date, stating that:
(i)    The representations and warranties contained in Section 4.01 are correct on and as of the Restatement Date, and
(ii)    No event has occurred and is continuing that constitutes a Default.
(d)    The Agent shall have received on or before the Restatement Date the following, each dated the Restatement Date, in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent and in sufficient copies for each Lender:
(i)    Any Notes required by each Lender executed by the Company and made payable to the order of such Lender pursuant to Section 2.16.
(ii)    Certified copies of the resolutions of the Board of Directors or the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company approving this Amendment and Restatement, and of all documents evidencing other necessary corporate action and governmental approvals, if any, with respect to this Amendment and Restatement.

Interpublic Credit Agreement