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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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or otherwise dispose of (whether in one transaction or in a series of transactions), other than to the Company and/or one of the Company’s Consolidated Subsidiaries, all or substantially all of the assets (whether now owned or hereafter acquired) of the Company and its Consolidated Subsidiaries (taken as a whole).
(c)    Accounting Changes. Make or permit, or permit any of its Consolidated Subsidiaries to make or permit, any change in accounting policies or reporting practices, except as required or permitted by generally accepted accounting principles or applicable statutory requirements.
(d)    Change in Nature of Business. Engage, or permit any Consolidated Subsidiary to engage, predominantly in any business other than business of the same general type as conducted on the date hereof by the Company and its Consolidated Subsidiaries, and other related businesses or businesses incidental thereto.
(e)    Subsidiary Debt. Permit any of its Consolidated Subsidiaries to create or suffer to exist, any Debt other than (without duplication):
(i)    Debt owed to the Company or to a Consolidated Subsidiary of the Company,
(ii)    Debt existing on the Restatement Date and disclosed to the Lenders prior to the date hereof (the “Existing Debt”), and any Debt extending the maturity of, or refunding or refinancing, in whole or in part, the Existing Debt, provided that the principal amount of such Existing Debt shall not be increased above the principal amount thereof outstanding immediately prior to such extension, refunding or refinancing, and the direct and contingent obligors therefor shall not be changed, as a result of or in connection with such extension, refunding or refinancing,
(iii)    Debt secured by Liens permitted by Section 5.02(a),
(iv)    unsecured Debt incurred in the ordinary course of business of the Company’s Consolidated Subsidiaries organized outside the United States,
(v)    unsecured Debt existing at the time of acquisition of any such Subsidiary, or of any business or assets, and not created in contemplation of such acquisition (and any extension, renewal or replacement of such Debt to the extent that the principal amount thereof shall not thereby be increased),
(vi)    book overdraft amounts outstanding at any time, and
(vii)    other Debt (whether secured or unsecured) in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed at any time outstanding the amount permitted in accordance with Section 5.02(a)(xvii).
SECTION 5.03. Financial Covenants. So long as any Advance shall remain unpaid or any Lender shall have any Commitment hereunder, the Company will:
(a)    Interest Coverage Ratio. Maintain, as of the end of each fiscal quarter, a ratio of (i) Consolidated EBITDA of the Company and its Consolidated Subsidiaries for the period of four fiscal quarters then ended to (ii) Interest Expense during such period by the Company and its Consolidated Subsidiaries, of not less than 5.00 to 1.
(b)    Leverage Ratio. Maintain, as of the end of each fiscal quarter, a Leverage Ratio of not greater than 3.50 to 1.0 (or, for four consecutive fiscal quarters commencing with the fiscal quarter in which a Specified Acquisition occurs and following notice (a “Covenant Notice”) from the Company (but without any consent from the Agent or the Lenders), 4.00 to 1.0); provided that there shall be a period of at least two consecutive fiscal quarters after the covenant steps down to 3.50 to 1.0 before a subsequent Covenant Notice is submitted.

Interpublic Credit Agreement