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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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without regard to whether such information was considered in the initial benefit determination.
If any appeal is denied in whole or in part, the Administrative Committee shall provide to the claimant a written decision, issued by the end of the period prescribed by subsection (b), above, that includes the following information:
The specific reason or reasons for the decision;
References to the specific Plan provisions upon which the decision is based;
An explanation of the claimant’s right to receive, upon request and free of charge, reasonable access to, and copies of, all documents, records, and other information relevant to his claim for benefits (as determined pursuant to subsection (c), above); and
A statement of the claimant’s right to bring a civil action under section 502(a) of ERISA.
8.4.    Other Rules and Rights Regarding Claims and Appeals.
A claimant may authorize a representative to pursue any claim or appeal on his behalf. The Administrative Committee may establish reasonable procedures for verifying that any representative has in fact been authorized to act on his behalf.
Notwithstanding the deadlines prescribed by this Article 8, the Administrative Committee and any claimant may agree to a longer period for deciding a claim or appeal or for filing an appeal, provided that the Administrative Committee shall not extend any deadline for filing an appeal unless imposition of the deadline prescribed by Section 8.3(a) would be unreasonable under the applicable circumstances.
8.5.    Interpretation.
The provisions of this Article 8 are intended to comply with section 503 of ERISA and shall be administered and interpreted in a manner consistent with such intent.


9.1.    Payments to be Made in Cash.
Except to the extent expressly provided otherwise, all payments required by this Agreement shall be made in cash.