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SEC Filings

INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COMPANIES, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 10/26/2017
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than his/her attorney, tax advisor, spouse, or as may be required by law. Employee represents that he/she has returned all Employer property in his/her possession. In the event that Employer determines that Employee owes any money to Employer, Employer will provide notice thereof to Employee and Employee hereby authorizes Employer to deduct such amounts from any further payments to Employee. Employee also acknowledges and reaffirms his/her continuing obligations to Employer pursuant to any confidentiality, non-compete and/or non-solicitation agreements signed by Employee.
12.    Cooperation. Employee agrees to make him/herself available to cooperate fully with Employer, its parents and affiliates and their legal counsel in any pending or future legal proceedings or investigatory matters involving issues in which Employee was involved during his/her employment with Employer.
13.    Non-Solicitation. For a period that begins on the Effective Date and ends on the later of (x) the date the last payment required by Paragraph 2 is due or (y) the first anniversary of the Effective Date, regardless of the reason therefor, in consideration of the payments in Paragraph 2 hereof, Employee shall not (a) directly or indirectly solicit on Employee’s own behalf or on behalf of any other person, firm, or entity, services similar to those Employee provided while employed by Employer from or for any person or entity which is a client of Employer, that was a client of Employer in the two (2) years prior to Employee’s Termination Date, or that was a prospective client of Employer with whom Employee had contact, and for which Employee materially participated in Employer’s marketing efforts to such prospective client, within two (2) years prior to Employee’s Termination Date (collectively, “Client”) or induce any such Client to cease to engage the services of Employer or to use the services of any entity or person that competes directly with a material business of Employer, where the identity of such Client, or the Client’s need, desire, or receptiveness to services offered by the Employer is known by Employee as part of his/her employment with Employer; (b) perform any services relating to advertising, marketing, research, public relations, or related services for any such Client; (c) directly or indirectly solicit any employee who was employed by Employer within one (1) year of Employee’s Termination Date to leave such employ to enter the employ of Employee or of any person, firm, or other entity with which Employee is then associated, or induce or encourage any such employee to leave the employment of Employer or to join any other company, or hire any such employee, or otherwise interfere with the relationship between the Employer and any of its employees; or (d) engage in any conduct that in any way interferes with the relationship between Employer and any of its employees or clients. Employee acknowledges that the above restrictions are reasonable and necessary to protect Employer’s legitimate business interest.
14.    Non-Competition. If Employee commences any form of employment or partnership (including as an advisor, consultant or otherwise) with any business that is in competition with the business of Employer, he shall immediately forfeit his right to all future severance payments and benefits otherwise required by Paragraph 2.
15.    Prohibited Activity. For a period that begins on the Effective Date and ends on the later of (x) the date the last payment required by Paragraph 2 is due or (y) the first anniversary of the Effective Date, Employee shall not engage in a Prohibited Activity. A “Prohibited Activity” includes: (i) any activity that would give rise to termination for Cause (as defined in the plan document for the Interpublic Executive Severance Plan); (ii) a material violation of any rule, policy or procedure of Interpublic (or any Affiliate where the Participant is employed), including but not limited to the Code of Conduct of Interpublic (and any such