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IPG’s Huge Launches Editorially Independent Publication Huge Moves™

December 12, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST

The Digital News Platform and Print Magazine Focuses on the Design and Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Business

New York, NY, Dec. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) creative growth acceleration company Huge announced today the launch of Huge Moves™, a digital news platform and magazine. The best narratives in business journalism don’t just inform. They transform, leaving the reader inspired and better prepared for what’s ahead. This is the guiding principle behind launching Huge Moves.

Created for today’s most influential business leaders, Huge Moves sets a new standard for branded content and operates with complete editorial independence from Huge’s core business. It is led by editor-in-chief Jennifer Leigh Parker, an award-winning journalist with deep expertise in enterprise reporting from her previous positions at NBC Universal, Bloomberg Media, and Surface Magazine. The inaugural issue features bylines from a seasoned team of journalists who have contributed to top-tier publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Monocle Magazine.

“We’re taking the same advice we’ve recommended to our clients for the last 20 years: tell a great story, grow your business,” said Mat Baxter, Global CEO of Huge. “We exist to help brands make their own huge moves in the world. By producing an objectively editorial voice under Parker’s expert leadership, we’re making our unique point of view on the business world’s most pressing issues accessible to a readership that is responsible for make-or-break decisions, bringing an unrivaled level of confidence to business leaders on a global scale.”

The ‘10 Huge Moves’ of 2023
As part of the launch, Parker and team produced a 116-page print edition of Huge Moves — a reflection of Huge’s commitment to creating dynamic experiences in both physical and digital forms. Each “move” takes the form of an original story about the people and companies poised to make a material impact on their respective sectors in the year ahead.

The “10 Huge Moves” for 2023 feature the following subjects and themes:

  • Supply Chain × Scarcity
  • Aviation × Control
  • Fashion × Circularity
  • Design × Energy
  • Super Apps × Competition
  • Autonomous Vehicles × Evolution
  • Web3 × Power
  • Art × Ownership
  • Artificial Intelligence × Creativity
  • Workplace × Mobility

Over the course of 2023, Huge Moves will track these 10 subjects with a regular cadence of new digital articles published via

“Most of us are distracted by sound-bite content designed to capture our attention whether we like it or not,” said Parker. “Our magazine is a repudiation of this trend, and reflects my faith in the power of narrative to help us think deeply about the future. In this first issue, we are tackling complex issues that demand space, time and reflection — the kind of focus that we all need to reclaim.” 

Huge Moves and AI
The magazine itself is also designed to represent a “huge move,” captured in the form of tech-enabled cover art. The cover image was created as a collaboration between human designers and artificial intelligence. The design team at Huge enlisted Midjourney, a generative AI platform that creates hyper-realistic images from carefully crafted text prompts articulating the concept of “moves.” The generated images became a launch pad for the design team, ultimately pushing them out of their comfort zones to create something truly original.

Huge Moves and Web3
Huge Moves is also creating a Web3 experience for readers. Each annual print issue includes a QR code on the back cover that enables readers to claim one of the 5,000 limited-edition NFTs of the magazine. These NFTs are “Soulbound tokens,” which means they are permanent, non-transferable NFTs that cannot be traded or sold once they are claimed.

“We were very intentional about ensuring that these NFTs were created as Soulbound tokens on the Tezos blockchain,” said Jason Schlossberg, Global Head of Marketing at Huge. “Although awareness of NFTs has exploded over the last year, the mass perception is still focused on their financial underpinnings, and many still only think of them as an investment vehicle. We want to expand the understanding of the potential of such tokens, and demonstrate how they can drive community — and ultimately change the nature of the relationship between publication and reader.”

As part of that mission, readers who secure a Huge Moves Soulbound NFT will gain access to first drops, exclusive content and premium programming, including access to a new event series launching in 2023 featuring expert sources and journalists exploring a new “huge move” subject each month. More details will be released early next year.

Huge Moves content can be found exclusively at Interested in receiving an issue of the print magazine? Drop Huge Moves a line at

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About Huge
Huge is a creative growth acceleration company. We help companies grow by increasing the creative capital in their brands and businesses, with an obsession for real-world results. Huge offers three proven gateways to growth: Experience Transformation, Technology Realization and Growth Creation. These gateways help clients unlock meaningful growth in areas ranging from brand and customer experience, technology advice and strategy, to high-value audience analysis and product innovation. Founded in 1999 in Brooklyn, NY, Huge has more than 1,200 employees working across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The agency is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies. For more information, visit

About Huge MovesTM
Huge MovesTM is a digital news platform and premium print magazine published by Huge. It is designed to inspire, inform, and prepare today’s leading business minds for what’s next. This forward-looking publication embodies modern design, cutting-edge technology and elevated thinking — and sets the new standard for branded content. Each annual issue will announce the “10 Huge Moves” list of feature stories, covering the people and actions we believe will shape the world in the year ahead.

This new publication is built off of Huge’s legacy of strong, independent thought leadership, previously showcased in Magenta, the company’s first editorial platform. Huge Moves evolves this tradition while sharpening the content focus on design and technology, and producing data-driven narratives shaped by an editorial process that upholds the core principles of traditional journalism.

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